Weight Loss & Maintenance Coaching
Janice Kay Smith

I can teach you how to lose weight and

  keep it off. I know how to do that.

If you have decided that it is time for you to lose weight . . .
    Learn what it takes for you to lose weight,
    because it’s different for everyone.
Whether it’s:

Jenny Craig


South Beach

The Zone

Weight Watchers

Your Doctor’s Diet

The Basic 4 Food Groups


Janice Kay Smith’s Healthy Eating Class, I Can Help


  • Weight Loss and Maintenance Coach for 37 years
  • Owner of A Women's Gym for 18 years
  • Owner of Motivation Unlimited Incorporated for 22 years
  • Personal Trainer for 37 years,
  • Jenny Craig Weight Loss Counselor, Maintenance Counselor and Class Facilitator for 10 years

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