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​​Lynn Stewart, Member
“Janice, because of A Women’s Gym, I went out on New Years Eve after 13 years of staying at home.”

Dr. Mary Wenzel, Member
“You know the best thing that has happened to me since I have been here; I now feel like I fit into the normal range. I feel like I am within the Limits. I used to feel ugly, fat and weak. Now I’m like everyone else, or better than some. I am in the best shape I have been in, in 25 years. I have never stuck with anything for so long. It’s been 8 years. It seems so natural to come here. It’s because of you Janice.”

Elizabeth Vieriech, Member
“The pressure that was on my neck and shoulders from working at my desk and sitting in front of my computer is gone because of what I have learned here. My posture is so much better. My sister and husband noticed without me saying anything.”

Linda Jones, Member
“I have changed since I joined A Women’s Gym. I just walked a mile. I can’t remember the last time I did that. I have 2 children and I come to the gym 4 times a week. I’m doing something for myself. That’s a revolution for me.”

Jeanne M. DeVita, Member
“I used to be in pain all of the time. It’s kind of neat walking around not hurting. It’s different. I look forward to coming to A Women’s Gym. I’ve never felt this way before.”

Patricia Belcher, Member
“Janice as you know, I have been working out for a year at A Women’s Gym. I try to be consistent with my workouts, however, there are interruptions due to our frequent travels and also to having family and friends visit with us. Fortunately, I always get back on track after each interruption. I’m writing this today to tell you about two wonderful results  I’ve noticed since beginning at the gym.

Previous to my workouts, I used to experience lower back fatigue and also sometimes a dull ache that would last several days after lifting and holding my small grandchildren. I had that same lower back problem after walking a distance for an hour or two. Now I have no fatigue or ache in my lower back when doing these activities. What a great feeling that has been!

My second experience occurred when I had a recent mammogram at NWMC. During the exam the radiology technician said “Wow, look at this . . . are you working out?”  I responded “as a matter of fact I have been . . . why? She said “look at those pecs . . . I normally don’t see them (muscles) developed like this with someone your age”. (kind of a left-handed compliment, but I’ll take it).

So I guess what I’m noticing since I’ve been working out are important physical strength and endurance changes that to me are very dramatic, but can seem subtle unless you are aware of them or unless they are pointed out to you, as that radiology technician did to me.

I am now trying to be more “aware” of these “subtle but dramatic” changes taking place in my body . . .  they will not only keep me motivated to stay on track with my workouts, but also help me appreciate my efforts to do so. Thank you for your friendship, support and kindness you provide to our awesome group of “Thinking Women” at A Women’s Gym.”

Deidre Williams, Member
When Deidre Williams, first joined A Women’s Gym her goal was to run a 5K. Here she is moments after completing her first 5K. She came directly to A Women’s Gym to share her excitement with Janice and her fellow members who helped her get and stay motivated to do it. Since then Deidre has completed many 5K’s. She is now training for her first half marathon! WOW!

Jacqueline accomplished her goal!
When Jacqueline, a new member, told Janice her goal was to walk the 60-mile breast cancer walk, Janice formed a walking team around her. A Women’s Gym members walked with her at 6:30 am 3 days each week to keep her company and give her motivation. Jacqueline completed the 60 mile breast cancer walk.

Gabriela accomplished her goal!
When Gabriela told Janice her goal was to become a police officer, they both knew that meant she would have to pass the State of Illinois P.O.W.E.R. Test. They trained hard focusing on the test requirements. Gabriela passed the P.O.W.E.R. Test and is now one of Chicago’s Finest!

Connie accomplished her goal!
Connie was born with an over exaggerated lumbar spine that was noticeable in all of her  photos. Janice and Connie began a weight lifting program. After a routine doctors visit and an x-ray her doctor announced to Connie that her spine had aligned itself. He was baffled. Connie knew that it was the weight lifting program because she had tried many things before that did not give her the same results. This made her so happy that she told Janice her goal was to be a Certified Personal  Trainer even though; she already had a great full time job. She wanted to help others accomplish their physical goals. In order to keep her PT Certification active, Connie would have to complete 15 credit hours over the upcoming 2 years. Before she received her official Certification Certificate in the mail , Connie had already completed the 15 additional hours and acquired an additional Certification for Senior Fitness training!

Constance accomplished her goal!
Constance leaves a voice mail for Janice at A Women’s Gym:
Constance: “Janice this is Constance. I just got some real discouraging news today and that was that they are not going to allow me to walk in the “Stroke Awareness Walk” because my balance is not good enough yet. They said it could be helped by some physical therapy but I need to do that first and get my balance back a little more solidly before they are willing to take the risk of letting me walk for a long period of time. So discouraging. I really put a lot of time into training for the “stroke walk”. I will be seeing you tomorrow probably in the afternoon when I get some stuff out of the way and it will be good to see you again. Thank you. Bye-bye”

Janice: “After listening to this voice mail, I knew I had to take on the role of getting Constance ready to walk in any marathon she chooses. I knew the community at A Women’s Gym would rally around her and walk with her. Since Constance is a stroke survivor, I knew she needed to do this walk to help others and to help herself. I talked to two of her gym mates, Etta Gardner and Erica Seltzer, who acted immediately. Etta and Erica are two examples of what makes A Women’s Gym Community Family strong. They made Constance captain of the walking club and started walking that very next day. They walked every day except Sunday. Because of the walking club Constance completed her first 10k and to her delight is now able to use the treadmill hands free!




1.  ​It’s a women’s only gym

2.  It’s small and comfortable

3.  It’s clean

4.  You learn how to exercise correctly in a comfortable peaceful environment

5.  Every time you walk into the gym you know exactly what you are going to do because

     Janice designs a personalized exercise program for every member and gives it to them in writing

6.  Janice personally gives one on one instruction on how to use gym equipment to every

     member and she is available to answer questions and to make sure everyone is using proper form  

7.  There’s no competition with gym wear, we dress comfortably:  we wear sweatpants and sweatshirts or T-shirts

8.  We go on field trips together

9.  The equipment operates so smoothly

10 There is a feeling of community: members care about each other and their successes. You see mothers and

     daughters, co-workers, sisters and friends working out together