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Everyone has a program customized for her by Janice but no one works out alone. Janice is usually there to correct form, to teach skills and nag each of us into doing our personal best. We work, very hard. No one is in competition with anyone else, only herself.
There is socializing in and out of the gym. We attend concerts (sometimes given by one of our own), dinners, spas, marathons and other events together. We can count on each other for support of our causes and there are lots of them.
All in all it’s a place where you keep coming back. Some of us have been working out 2 or 3 times a week for 8 years – an accomplishment we used to think impossible. There are few “exercise drop outs.” We all recommend the gym to our friends. The fees are reasonable. And there’s Janice. She’s priceless.


When you walk in the door, you know it’s not your brother’s gym. You will meet lawyers, homemakers, teachers, students, doctors, retired women, businesswomen, of all ages and ethnicities. Mary, Carole and Jeanne become “Leo”, “Papillon” and “Peaches” (their gym names). Others become “City Girl”, “Raven” or “Beanie.” You step into your gym persona and into a warm supportive atmosphere but you’re not here to party. You are here because you believe what Janice, the owner of A Women’s Gym, believes: any woman of any age or level of fitness can change, improve and maintain the body she wants.
The gym is small, spare and simply laid out with state-of-the-art machines in a longish U shape. You can do circuit training as in the “Boot Camp” (a machine aerobics class) or start anywhere you want.

Contact us: 1-312-587-8900


A WOMEN’S GYM by Mary Wenzel MD, Member


Since August 2000 A WOMEN’S GYM has helped beginning, intermediate and advanced fitness level members feel equally comfortable and confident exercising at A WOMEN’S GYM. “It feels like home”, “ It’s so clean”, and “Great equipment” are the first words 95% of first time visitors say upon entering our gym. A WOMEN’S GYM members say, “It’s my sanctuary!"